30+ Photos That Will Inspire You To Visit Trentino, Italy

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I first laid eyes on the region of Trentino, Italy with the announcement of the location of Traverse 2020, a travel blogging conference, in collaboration with Visit Trentino.

It was to be my first travel blogging conference of all time, and oh, what a place for it to be.

Though I had never heard of Trentino before, I quickly fell in love. The second I stepped foot in the city of Trento, I could tell that it was a unique place full of all the things that make a place my personal definition of perfect.

Photos that will Inspire you to Visit Trentino

Even from the center of town, you can see the mountains…

a road in Trento, Italy with mountains in the background

And climbing up to the highest point in the city (which appropriately houses Buonconsiglio Castle), you can see for miles around.

Colorful rooftops blend in perfectly with the mountains in the background…

mountains in the background of a town with red roofs. Trento is one place to visit in Trentino
columns in the foreground looking out over a city of red roofs - one of the many places you can visit in Trentino

The castle itself features intricately painted ceilings and a romantic garden…

And when you head back down into town, you’re greeted with quaint cobblestone streets, impressive churches, and decorative frescoes…

Located in the very north of Italy, Trentino has been profoundly influenced by Austria. You can hear it when the residents randomly burst into German, and taste it in the hearty and delicious food…

Risotto with local apples, which you must eat when you visit Trentino!
Risotto with local apples
3 different types of Polenta - you can try so many when you visit Trentino!
3 different types of Polenta
Goulash and sauerkraut, a must-eat when you visit Trentino!
Goulash and sauerkraut

Of course, you can’t go to Italy without indulging in wine, either. In Trentino, the specialty is Trento doc: a refreshing sparkling wine second only to champagne.

And forget about Aperol when you come to Trentino. Spritzes here come in all shapes and sizes, often made with local bitters. Hugo Spritzes are also popular, made with prosecco, elderflower syrup, seltzer, and mint leaves.

a hugo spritz

And of course, you can’t forget the coffee…

colorful old coffee drums
Coffee containers in the Bontadi Coffee Museum

Once you head out of the city, you’ll be met by gorgeous rolling mountains, medieval castles, and plenty of adventure activities.

Just a few minutes from Trento is the Gorge of Ponte Alto, where a guided tour takes you behind a roaring waterfall.

Or why not visit the fairies at Toblino Castle, perched on the edge of a lake.

Toblino castle through trees - one of many photos that will inspire you to visit trentino

In the stunning Valle di Ledro, even just a few hours of hiking can bring you up a mountain and to a little blue-trimmed rifugio, or mountain hut…

hiking in valle di ledro, trentino, italy

Where you can eat a delicious home-made meal of strangolapreti (literal translation: priest-stranglers, less literally translation: cheesy bread dumplings that are the height of deliciousness) and polenta, bed down for the night in comfy bunks…

spinach bread dumplings - strangolapreti
Delicious strangolapreti

And wake up for a soft orange sunrise accompanied by coffee the next morning.

The best way to get back down the mountain? By mountain bike, of course…

mountain biking in valle di ledro - one of many photos that will inspire you to visit trentino

Of course, the adventure doesn’t stop there…

Clamber through a canyon and rappel down a waterfall…

addie holding her hands up in triumph in front of a waterfall

Paraglide over the sparkling Lake Idro…

addie and her tandem paragliding pilot
addie's feet in the air while paragliding over lake idro

Kayak across the waters…

kakaying on lake idro - one place to visit in trentino

and eat fish from the lake when you’re done…

delicious fish

Valle di Ledro is also home to one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Baitoni…

And of course, there are plenty more waterfalls to chase…

pink flowers in front of a waterfall
addie standing in front of a waterfall

Before you top it all off with a generous helping of gelato.

delicious gelato in the main square of trento, italy - visit trentino

Top Tips for when you visit Trentino

Now that you’re itching to visit Trentino, here are a few practical tips for planning your trip!

When to Visit Trentino

You honestly can’t go wrong when it comes to the best time to visit Trentino. I went in June, which was the perfect time for hiking and all of the other warm-weather activities that the region offers. It is the busiest season for tourism, though, so things will be a little bit more crowded and expensive than usual.

Winter in Trentino is perfect if you’re interested in winter sports, while spring and fall are great shoulder season times with generally mild weather and fewer tourists.

Where to Go in Trentino

There are SO many amazing places to go in Trentino, you could easily spend weeks exploring the region.

Trento, the capital of the region, is a medieval city surrounded by mountains, and definitely shouldn’t be skipped.

For an easy gateway to the region, try Riva del Garda, on Lake Garda.

For a plethora of adventure, head to one of the region’s many valleys. Valle di Ledro and Valle del Chiese are both excellent choices. Read my guide to Valle di Ledro here and my guide to Valle del Chiese here.

And of course, you can’t miss the Dolomites when you’re in Trentino. The Brenta Dolomites are the perfect place for hiking and wellness.

For even more recommendations about places to visit in Trentino, check out this post!

How to Get Around Trentino

Trento, Rovereto, and Riva del Garda are all easily accessed by train and bus (FlixBus runs services to them all), but other than that your best bet is generally going to be to rent a car.

If you’re super opposed to renting a car, then getting around by public transport is possible, but it will take a bit longer. Click here for a complete guide.

With the Trentino Guest Card you also get unlimited access to the Trentino Trasporti network, which includes the public transportation networks in Trento, Rovereto, Alto Garda, and Pergine, as well as several regional trains and cable cars.

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Travel Insurance: I knew that I shouldn’t travel without insurance for the longest time, but I really learned my lesson when I got an infected cut in Bali. Thank goodness I had travel insurance! I use and love World Nomads for their extremely comprehensive coverage.

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