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    17 Best Fall Vacations in The US You Should Take This Year

    Crisp autumn air, bright fall colors, and delicious apple cider… can you imagine any better way to spend the fall? Or maybe you’re a sun seeker, and want to chase the warmth for a little bit longer. Either way, this compilation of the best fall vacations in the US will have a spot for you! From the surprising changing leaves of California to the uncrowded and wild Yellowstone National Park, best fall vacations in the US have so much to offer. Keep reading to find out more! The Best Fall Vacations in the US California Recommended by Dhara at It’s Not About the Miles Looking for a fabulous fall getaway?…

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    2018 Travel Year In Review

    [et_pb_section admin_label=”section”] [et_pb_row admin_label=”row”] [et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”] As I write this, I’m sitting on a vegan cafe in Bacalar, Mexico. This morning, I paddleboarded across the Bacalar Lagoon to watch the sun rise. I feel whole. I’ve been travelling Mexico solo for the last week–something that, one year ago, I never would have imagined myself doing. Heck, two years ago I was convinced I HATED solo travel. But 2018 was a year of growth: growth in my relationship with Daniel, growth in my personal (and educational and professional) goals, and yes, growth in my love for solo travel. 2018 wasn’t easy. It wasn’t a year where the good news outweighed…

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    How to Kick A** At Weekend Trips While You’re Studying Abroad

    I like to consider myself a full time study abroad student. In other words, I’m from the US, but I’m going to university in Scotland for all four years of my degree. Being much closer to mainland Europe than I’ve ever been in my life, the moment I knew I was coming to university here I also knew that I was going to be taking advantage of literally EVERY budget airline ticket I could get my hands on. Since then, I’ve gone on many a weekend trip, and I like to think that I’ve become a pro at them. Whether it’s a quick dash to Edinburgh or eight hours of…

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    A Love Letter to Sevilla, Spain

    Disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase from one of them I will recieve a small commision at no extra cost to you, which allows me to keep this blog up and running! Dear Sevilla, I love you. And hey, I know what you’re thinking. “I’m a city. You can’t possibly love me like you might love a person.” But no, I love you. Just trust me on this. From the moment I laid eyes on you via blog post this past summer, to the moment I boarded a plane to Malaga (ew) to get to you, I could not wait until I got the…

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    10 Things to Ask for for Christmas if You’re Studying Abroad In Europe Next Semester

    With Christmas coming up, every college student out there is starting to think about what to ask their parents for. You know, all that stuff that’s just a little bit too pricey to justify buying with their own money (like socks). If you’re studying abroad in Europe next semester, then you might want to ask for a few things to help you out while you’re there. As basically a professional study abroad student (I’m going to university in Scotland for ~ALL FOUR YEARS~), I’d like to think I have a pretty good idea of the kinds of thing to put on your study abroad Christmas list. So here’s my ~professional…

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    5 Day Denver Itinerary // A Denver & Colorado Itinerary for Maximum Adventure

    Updated November 25, 2019 Are you taking a trip to Denver soon? This 5 day Denver itinerary will have you spending your short time in Colorado exploring and adventuring to the max! Colorado is the perfect place to visit if you’re seeking adventure. From hiking, to rock climbing, to whitewater rafting or mountain biking, everything is within your reach. 5 days in Denver alone is a lot of time,but that gives you plenty of opportunities to get out of the city and enjoy the best that Colorado has to offer! With 5 days in Colorado, you can get a lot of adventure in. Just keep reading to see how you…