• schöner brunnen (beautiful fountain) and a christmas market stand in Nuremberg
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    Nuremberg Christmas Market 2021 Guide: Things to do, What to Eat, and What to Buy

    2020 Update: Unfortunately, the Nuremberg Christmas Market has been canceled this year – but it’s never too late to start planning for 2021! Often touted as the oldest Christmas market in the world, and with plenty of unique traditions, Nuremberg Christmas Market is one of those things that makes it onto everyone’s bucket list. And for good reason. With a plethora of unique traditions you won’t find anywhere else, and the smell of Lebkuchen and Wurst wafting through the air, it’s the perfect place to spend a few days getting into the Christmas spirit! This guide is absolutely packed to the brim with information about Nuremberg Christmas Market, the other…

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    Copenhagen in Winter: The Complete Guide (including the best Copenhagen Christmas Markets!)

    I don’t know if I’ve ever been to a place more magical than Copenhagen in winter. With only a few hours of daylight every day, the Danes had to figure out how to do Christmas right–lest they fall into a seriously deep depression. After having visited Copenhagen in both May and December, I think I can safely say that Copenhagen in winter is one of the best times to visit. Even though it’s cold, Copenhagen truly comes alive during this time of year, promising for a unique experience. And as for the cold, all you have to do is make sure you pack right 😉 Convinced? This post will serve…