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    7 Travel Photography Myths + Why They’re Not True

    Have you ever thought that you just weren’t good enough to take professional-level photos of your travels? That you needed to splash out on a big, expensive camera and tons of gear? Ever gotten overwhelmed by the need to shoot in manual mode? There are a lot of travel photography myths out there, you guys. And I’m on a mission to break down those misconceptions and barriers to entry. So in this post, I’m talking about 7 different travel photography myths that really get my blood boiling and why they’re just not true. So buckle in. It’s going to be a wild ride 😉 MYTH #1: YOU NEED A BIG,…

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    Travel Photography

    Composition & Lighting: 2 Secrets to Great Travel Photos

    One of the biggest photography myths out there is that you need an expensive camera and to shoot in manual mode in order to take good pictures. But actually, so much of what makes a good photo is lighting and composition: 2 things that absolutely have nothing to do with how “good” your camera is. If you don’t have your lighting and composition down, it doesn’t matter how expensive or fancy your camera is. Your photos will be subpar, plain and simple. That’s why I want to take a deep dive into lighting and composition for travel photography in this blog post. Let’s get started! TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY COMPOSITION TIPS Composition…

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    14 Travel Photography Mistakes (& How To Fix Them)

    Over the years that I’ve been traveling, I’ve seen quite a few travel photography mistakes as they’re happening. People with huge cameras sitting on auto mode, shooting photos of their kids into the sun-unintentional silhouettes just waiting to happen. People grabbing just a few shots before moving on to their next destination. People weighed down by gear. And yes, I’ve made a few–if not all–of these travel photography mistakes myself. Some of them are mistakes that have to be made as part of the learning process. But others are criminally easy to avoid, and I want to help you do just that–which is why I decided to sit down and…