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    30+ Photos That Will Inspire You To Visit Trentino, Italy

    I first laid eyes on the region of Trentino, Italy with the announcement of the location of Traverse 2020, a travel blogging conference, in collaboration with Visit Trentino. It was to be my first travel blogging conference of all time, and oh, what a place for it to be. Though I had never heard of Trentino before, I quickly fell in love. The second I stepped foot in the city of Trento, I could tell that it was a unique place full of all the things that make a place my personal definition of perfect. Photos that will Inspire you to Visit Trentino Even from the center of town, you…

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    Where to Go On Your First Solo Trip [Girls Go Abroad Episode 005]

    This week on the Girls Go abroad Podcast we’re going to be talking all about where to go on your first solo trip, from choosing what country to go to to what you need to consider when you do. I’ll also give you a list of the best first time solo female travel destinations out there! Let’s jump right in! How to Choose Your First Solo Travel Destination [et_bloom_inline optin_id=”optin_6″] Alright, so how do you actually go about choosing your first solo female travel destination? Should you choose the place you’ve always wanted to go? Somewhere close to home? Somewhere totally out of the box? Somewhere on a list of…

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    How to Plan Your First Solo Trip [Girls Go Abroad Episode 004]

    This week on the Girls Go Abroad podcast we talked all about how to plan your first solo trip. From choosing that you’re going to travel solo and where you’re going to travel to, down to the nitty-gritty details like choosing a hostel, I’m taking a deep dive into everything you need to do to plan the perfect solo trip. So even if you’ve been traveling solo for a while, you’ll want to stick around. Now, if you aren’t convinced yet that solo travel is right for you, go back and listen to last week’s episode where I talk all about the top 5 reasons you NEED to try solo…

  • Ready to check off your bucket list, learn tons about yourself, and increase your confidence? It's time to travel solo! In this episode of the Girls Go Abroad solo female travel podcast, we talk all about the top 5 reasons to travel solo.
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    The Top 5 Reasons to Travel Solo [Girls Go Abroad Episode 002]

    LISTEN ON ITUNES / STITCHER / SPOTIFY This week on the Girls Go Abroad podcast we’re talking about the top 5 reasons to travel solo. From the freedom it brings to the amazing experiences you have when traveling on your own, here are the top 5 reasons to travel solo. The Top 5 Reasons to Travel Solo [et_bloom_inline optin_id=”optin_6″] #1 Freedom By far one of the reasons I think I hear mentioned most often when talking about why people should travel solo is the freedom that it brings, and this is definitely a major reason! As a person who likes things to go my way at all times, traveling solo is perfect for me because…

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    21 Best Spring Break Destinations in the US

    Ah, spring break… Whether you’re a family searching for some of the best spring break destinations in the US for kids, or a student or young adult ready for some adventure, spring break is one of the best times to travel, and these 21 places will have you itching to buy your plane tickets ASAP! BEST SPRING BREAK DESTINATIONS IN THE US // THE NORTHEAST New York City, New York Suggested by Me! If you’re looking for the perfect time to experience New York City, springtime might just be it. While there’s never really a low season in New York, you’ll certainly find fewer people in the spring than in…

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    13 Best Solo Female Travel Destinations 2021

    It’s a new decade now, and solo female travel is more popular than ever. I absolutely love it. It’s an amazing way to celebrate female empowerment, and exactly how I grew to be a more confident traveler and person in general. So, with that in mind, I decided to put together a list of some of my favorite and best solo female travel destinations for 2021! Whether you’re looking for a great first-time solo female travel destination, or a bit more adventure, these 13 best solo female travel destinations are sure to catch your eye! Best First-Time Solo Female Travel Destinations If you’re heading off on your very first trip…