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    The Perfect Girls Weekend in London

    Are you in need of a fun weekend away with your girls? Look no further than London for the perfect girls weekend. Afternoon tea sessions, shopping galore, and plenty of Insta-worthy spots for a photoshoot… you’re basically guaranteed to have an amazing time. Keep reading for the ultimate guide to a girls weekend in London! After living in London for a year and returning several times (including for a killer girls trip), I’ve been able to pack this guide to the brim, so be sure to take notes! Where to Stay during your Girls Weekend in London London has SO many amazing hotels and accommodation options for all budgets. But…

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    Top 5 Things To Do in Aviemore, Scotland

    A one-street town in the middle of nowhere. Cozy cafes and b&bs. Hiking and adventure activities galore. Known as “The Gateway to the Cairngorms,” there are so many things to do in Aviemore that it’s hard to get them all in. Feeling the distinct need for an escape to nature, Daniel and I grabbed the train up to Aviemore, Scotland for a few days of rest, relaxation, and cute animals last December–and it was everything we needed it to be. If you only have a few days in Aviemore, then here are the top things to do. Traveling to Scotland? Here are a few more posts about my adopted country…

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    Visiting Neuschwanstein Castle: The Ultimate Guide

    Whether you’re a long-time Disney fan or simply a sceptic looking for a day trip from Munich, visiting Neuschwanstein Castle is usually on everyone’s list. Unfortunately, actually organizing a visit to the castle is a little bit more complicated than it might seem, which is why I decided to create this guide! I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Neuschwanstein Castle twice now, and have figured out all of the ins and outs along the way. So let’s get started! How to Get to Neuschwanstein Castle Getting to Neuschwanstein Castle is actually surprisingly easy, though it may take a little bit of time if you’re coming from further afield. Neuschwanstein is…

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    22 Stunning Pictures of Portugal That WIll Inspire You To Go

    Perhaps one of my favorite trips in recent memory was the 2 weeks I spent traveling solo through the captivating country of Portugal. From the colorful cities to the magical small towns and jaw-dropping nature, Portugal can be whatever you want it to be. These 22 pictures of Portugal prove just that. Pictures of Portugal Portugal is a country of color. In Porto, the red rooftops and brightly-painted houses brighten even the darkest of days… In Lisbon, the story is much the same: colorful walls, beautiful tiles, and red-top roofs stretching for miles… But they take their own unique spin on things too… In small-town Aveiro, the eye-catching moliceiros (boats)…

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    30+ Pictures of the Scottish Highlands That Will Inspire You To Go

    There are a lot of places in this world that I love, but none of them quite beat my adopted home of Scotland. Although I left for what would turn out to basically be for good a few weeks ago (thanks, pandemic, for canceling the rest of my semester and college life), I think I’ll always be a little bit a lot in love with this place. Over the 3 1/2 (of what was supposed to be 4) years I spent living in Scotland, I explored so much (though not as much as I wish I had). And I want to share some of those adventures with you while we’re…

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    30+ Photos That Will Inspire You To Visit Trentino, Italy

    I first laid eyes on the region of Trentino, Italy with the announcement of the location of Traverse 2020, a travel blogging conference, in collaboration with Visit Trentino. It was to be my first travel blogging conference of all time, and oh, what a place for it to be. Though I had never heard of Trentino before, I quickly fell in love. The second I stepped foot in the city of Trento, I could tell that it was a unique place full of all the things that make a place my personal definition of perfect. Photos that will Inspire you to Visit Trentino Even from the center of town, you…