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    Smart Travel Super Bundle Review

    Last summer, before I really got into the absolutely amazing world that is Ultimate Bundles, they came out with a little something called the Smart Travel Super Bundle. Filled to the brim with resources to help people travel smarter for longer, this thing absolutely caught my eye. But, for whatever reason, I didn’t take the plunge and snatch the bundle up while I could. Well thankfully for me (and everyone else who missed the bundle the first time around), Ultimate Bundles is bringing the Smart Travel Super Bundle back for a super short FLASH SALE at the beginning of March, and I couldn’t be more excited! As an affiliate for…

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    The Best Travel Backpack for Women: Top 5 Picks + Buyer’s Guide

    Thinking about traveling backpack only soon? Not sure where to even start with looking for the best travel backpack for women? I’ve got you covered. From small backpacks perfect for quick city breaks to backpacks built for longer trips, this guide covers the top 5 best travel backpacks for women and also features a buyers guide at the end, so you’ll know exactly what you should be looking for! The Best Travel Backpack for Women: An Overview When it comes to choosing the best travel backpack for women, there are a few different things to consider, including: Size Suspension system Opening Pockets and layout Stowable straps And zippers Be sure…

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    How to Find Cheap Flights with CheapOAir

    Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post on how to find cheap flights in collaboration with CheapOAir. All opinions are my own. If you’ve landed on this blog post, then I’d guess it’s a pretty safe bet that you’re interested in learning how to find cheap flights. Was I right? Well, let me introduce you to one of my favorite cheap flight finding tools, then: CheapOAir! CheapOAir is literally all about finding cheap flights and other deals on things like hotels and car rentals. Their motto is even “go ahead, be cheap.” Because when you get a cheap flight deal, then you have more money to spend on the things that…

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    Portugal on a Budget // What I Spent in 2 Weeks in Portugal

    Think you have to head to Eastern Europe to travel Europe on a budget? Think again! It’s super easy to travel to Portugal on a budget. I like to say that I travel during spring break because it would be cheaper than buying a plane ticket home. And while that might not be technically true, using the money that I would have spent on a plane ticket to travel instead is something that I happily do. That being said, I’m pretty sure traveling Portugal on a budget for two weeks actually was cheaper than a plane ticket home. In total, I spent €888.23 over TWO WEEKS (16 days) including fights,…

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    10 Products That Will Change Your Life When You Backpack Europe

    Disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase from one of them I will recieve a small commision at no extra cost to you, which allows me to keep this blog up and running! Backpacking Europe is the classic college student trip, and for good reason. Europe is easy to travel, relatively inexpensive if you do it right, and straight up amazing. Whether you’re doing a semester study abroad in Europe and have a few weeks of break or are taking the whole summer to backpack Europe, you’re sure to have an amazing time. Of course, living out of a backpack probably isn’t something that you’re…

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    25 Awesome Student Budget Travel Resources That Will Make You Buy a (Cheap) Plane Ticket Right Now

    Disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase from one of them I will recieve a small commision at no extra cost to you, which allows me to keep this blog up and running! One of the most common questions I get—both online and from my friends in real life—is how I manage to travel so much as a broke student (who is also getting pretty decent grades, if I do say so myself). Well, there are a few tricks for that: One, I make liberal use of weekends and school breaks. I also LOVE to use the excuse that it would be cheaper to travel…