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    DIY Boston Chinatown Food Tour: Where to Eat in Chinatown

    Dumplings. Dim Sum. Ramen. Bubble Tea. You name it, you can find it in Boston’s Chinatown. Home not only to Chinese food of every region but East Asian and Southeast Asian food of all kinds, Boston’s Chinatown is a veritable Mecca for any food lover out there. If you’re spending any time at all, you’re not going to want to miss heading to the area for a meal – or more! Boston’s Chinatown was actually our very first stop once we got off the plane for a little DIY Boston Chinatown food tour – and it didn’t disappoint. Keep reading for advice on how to take your own DIY food…

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    16 Shenandoah National Park Cabins Perfect For Your Next Getaway

    When it came to my first trip in this new era of travel, I knew I didn’t want to mess around with safety. So when we came up with the idea to rent one of the many Shenandoah National Park cabins available, it seemed like the perfect option! Just a 2-hour drive from our town, totally self-contained, and in the middle of nature. Honestly, what is there not to love? Probably the biggest struggle in planning the whole thing was actually picking out which cabin that we wanted to rent! Because let me tell you, there are a LOT of seriously amazing cabins in and around Shenandoah National Park that…

  • From study abroad to solo travel to couples travel to family travel, Kristina Bullock's life has revolved around travel. Tune in to this episode of the Girls Go Abroad podcast to hear her wisdom.
    Girls Go Abroad

    How Solo Travel Can Change Your Life with Kristina Bullock [Girls Go Abroad Episode 015]

    By far one of the best parts of solo travel is just how much of an impact it can have on your life. For Kristina Bullock, it completely changed not just her outlook, but the entire trajectory of her life! Kristina is a family travel blogger at Million Miler Mom. After catching the travel bug in college studying abroad in Australia and South Africa, she spent most of her twenties solo traveling the globe and exploring all seven continents. In 2010, she met her husband in Jordan and they now have three children. Having kids has not slowed down this family and they aim for at least 4 trips per…

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    How I’ve Been Prioritizing Self Care in Quarantine [Girls Go Abroad Episode 014]

    This week on the Girls Go Abroad podcast, I’m talking all about how I’ve been prioritizing self-care while in quarantine. Now, self-care is always important, but while we’re currently in the midst of a global pandemic and are adapting to yes, unprecedented times, self-care is more important than ever. Flight attendants say it best when they say you should put your own face mask on first before helping others. So that’s what I’ve been doing while I’ve been staying safe at home, and it has helped my mental health in ways that I honestly couldn’t even imagine. So I wanted to take a moment to share what I’ve been doing…

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    The Perfect Girls Weekend in London

    Are you in need of a fun weekend away with your girls? Look no further than London for the perfect girls weekend. Afternoon tea sessions, shopping galore, and plenty of Insta-worthy spots for a photoshoot… you’re basically guaranteed to have an amazing time. Keep reading for the ultimate guide to a girls weekend in London! After living in London for a year and returning several times (including for a killer girls trip), I’ve been able to pack this guide to the brim, so be sure to take notes! Where to Stay during your Girls Weekend in London London has SO many amazing hotels and accommodation options for all budgets. But…

  • Planning on traveling to India? You NEED to listen to this episode of the Girls Go Abroad podcast, all about solo female travel in India with expert Madhurima Chakraborty! Learn about the best solo female travel destinations in India, solo female travel safety tips, and more. #travel #india
    Asia Travel,  Girls Go Abroad,  Solo Female Travel

    Solo Female Travel in India with Madhurima Chakraborty [Girls Go Abroad Episode 013]

    This week on the Girls Go Abroad podcast we’re talking to Madhurima Chakraborty. Madhurima is a Kolkata-born girl and aspiring world citizen who has been traveling full time for more than a year and is an expert on solo female travel in India! On this episode she shares with us absolutely everything you need to know about traveling solo as a woman in India, from safety tips to the best places to go to little-known secrets! If you’re planning a trip to India, or just want a little bit of India inspiration, this is a must-listen episode! And for even more solo female travel tips, be sure to check out…